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Thanks for your interest in my research.

Please reach out if you're studying these topics or interested in applying any of these ideas in your organization.

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Dr. Kristin Cullen-Lester is an Assistant Professor of Management in the School of Business Administration at the University of MississippiHer work aims to improve leadership effectiveness by advancing the assessment and development of leaders and leadership systems with a particular focus on leaders' professional networks and the role of organizational networks in shared leadership, complex collaboration, and strategic, large-scale change. This work is funded, in part, by the National Science Foundation. 

Outside of academia, Dr. Cullen-Lester is co-founder and Chief People Scientist of Network Leader, an organization aiming to make the complex world of network research and analysis easy for anyone to understand and apply. Previously, as a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a top global provider of executive education, she led the center's R&D efforts in integrating networks into leadership development. She received the 2021 Distinguished Early Career Contribution for the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  

Leaders and Developers - I'm passionate about bringing research insights into practice. Please check out these resources for leaders and leadership development professionals.

Students - There are exciting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student research in the Improving Leadership Effectiveness using Assessment and Development Lab!

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