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Enjoying work and life with my fabulous family, friends, and colleagues. 

Accepting Early Career Contribution Award at SIOP

Accepting Early Career Contribution Award at SIOP

SIOP Small Grant

Thanks SIOP for supporting our study on the effects of receiving internal awards on careers!

SIOP 2022

Big Night Out - SIOP 2022

ilead lab celebrates

Celebrating the end of the school year!

dogs and robots

robots on campus

what shoe?

the look of double trouble

Rory surrounded by network books

exhausted but happy - paper submitted!

Snow Walk of Champions

It snows in Mississippi?

puppy late night editing session

Carson helping with paper revisions

Uptown Coffee's favorite customers

treats at our favorite coffee shop

Ole Miss gates

Beautiful Ole Miss Campus

Holman Hall

New faculty masked up and ready to go!

Faulkner masked up

Nicely done, sir!

I don't know about these guys_edited.jpg

my goofballs

Sunbelt 2018 Amsterdam and Utrecht

Sunbelt 2018 Amsterdam and Utrecht

Vaarwel Netherlands, headed home!.jpg

Vaarwel Netherlands, headed home!

“That’s for me, right_”.jpg

for me?

smile we're going to space

Family trip to NASA

Still feels like summer _-)

Trying to beat the Houston heat

Just A quick trip to NYC.jpg

NYC summer 2018

“Remind me, why did we workout_”.jpg

no more walking

Merry Christmas Eve!.jpg

enjoying the holidays

Baylor Grand Rounds

Presentation at Baylor College of Medicine Education Grand Rounds


Go Astros!

Rory unimpressed

Please finish your research paper...

big boot

Ready for the Rodeo

cherry blossoms

SIOP 2019 Washington DC

out and about

lovely night in DC

Exeter Business School

Enjoying a summer visit to Exeter Business School

mountain top view

Sunbelt 2019 Montreal

conferencing via rooftops

Sometimes it helps to get a little perspective #rooftopwork

coauthors all smiles

IPLS 2019 Corfu

lead the way Andrew

Coauthors explore Corfu

FaceTime with Rory 🌙

FaceTime with Rory 🌙

Ready to play ball!.jpg

ready to play ball


INGROUP 2019 Lisbon


Research meetings at Fenway AOM 2019

Bauer at LQ

Bauer faculty at LQ Board Meeting

NLS Reception

NLS Reception

AOM 2019

Catching up with coauthors

Houston skyline

Houston skyline by night

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